Social Media

Growth of the SFUN community
on all our social media channel


Scaling our operations to incorporate more of the global community through fun workshops and events


Provide the building blocks of blockchain adoption, learning, and education

future growth

Grow our SFUN ecosystem with sound projects that uplift its users and expand to other blockchains.

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Blockchain built on positivity

SFUN commits itself on 4 main principle that guide this project to the forefront of the future.

Communication / outreach

SFUN Aims to communicate with new and current users through social media. 

We strive to reach to communities all over the world through webinar events and online learning. 


We do not want to limit our potential to just one blockchain.  We want to expand to other EVM chains that have proven successfully its functionalities.


In order for blockchain adoption to occur, we believe the user needs to be educated.

Although there is a lot more to blockchain we want our community to learn it from people in the field through our online SFUN LMS.


We don’t want users to know us for just for our tokens, we want users to grow and expand with the blockchain ecosystem by learning and applying the skills we provide to our members.