Our team

SUPERFUN TEAM strives to bring more creative minds, talented, people oriented, art and entertainment enthusiasts, and blockchain technology driven developers together and create a SUPERFUN ecosystem for the world to see.  We are a team of Social media content creators on a variety of platforms.

Leah Yeager

Blockchain Tech Educator

Althash University Faculty, ICORBP Director of Ranking, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advocate, Investor and Coin-maker.


Blockchain Developer

Experienced in Several Blockchain such as EOS, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, & Solana. Educator and overall Crypto enthusiast.


Liezel Cuizon

Community Moderator

In charge of leading community discussions and assisting online users on how to use SFUN features.


SFUN Graphic Artist

Years of experience in Graphic Design, Max comes prepared to provide the SFUN community some ideas to bring ideas and concepts to life.

Rose Aguelo

SFUN Ambassador

NFT Game Enthusiast & Content Creator

Romilin Cantila

Community Coordinator

NFT Gamer & Superfun Fanatic


SUPERFUN Social Media

BS Hotel  & Restaurant Management Graduate

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, NFT Games fan.

SFUN Advisors

Johannes Dowe

SFUN Advisor

A MATHEMATICIAN and Blockchain Technology Consultant.

Brett Balog

SFUN Advisor

Investor, CODEX token Founder and  Developer.

Vincent Hoffmann

SFUN Advisor

HTMLCOIN Chief Operating Officer

Julia Eziji

SFUN Advisor

Head of Althash University(COO)

Syed Hussainshah

SFUN Advisor

Althash and HTMLCOIN Head of Support, Founder of BURQ token


SFUN Advisor

Developer, Creator, Coinmaker,  and Founder of Token Factory on Althash Blockchain.