About Superfun LMS

Hi Guys!

We have designed the  Super Fun LMS to be as engaging for a well rounded learning experience. Learn from those in the field practicing and building blockchain applications.  Whether you want to build or learn on the blockchain we cover what we can so everyone can learn through our online webinar events 


Super Fun LMS Founder

Leah Yeager


SFUN has been around for a bit over 2 years, and as blockchain technology continues to grow we believe that the more we can get people to learn, the faster the adoption rate.  That is why our LMS is free to enroll for online webinars to get people excited to learn on new topics.


Enroll in our Online Webinar Event, once completed upload your attendance and get a SFUN certification of attendance .

Online Webinar Events

We try to have at least 1 webinar event every quarter. So make sure to be part of our social media groups for the lastest updates.

Self-Paced Study

Can't attend the latest webinar event , no problem! You can always watch on your own time.