SuperFun ( SFUN ) is a digital Crypto token deployed , supported and also promoted by HTML Foundation based on Althash Blockchain.

SFUN is a utility token of Rewarding , Tipping , Airdropping , Giveaway for having sense of humour & sharing Jokes.

How SuperFun Work, step by step guide, walk through video clip.


If you don’t have the desktop wallet of HTMLCOIN, you can download the Android mobile wallet.

To be able to send/ receive/view/add tokens or coins you need to download the wallets.
For Android wallet you go to Google play, look for ALTHASH BLOCKCHAIN WALLET, download it so you create your wallet, then add SFUN token by entering SuperFun token contract address & make sure you save the passphrase, private key and/or Password. We highly recommend to watch the video on how it works menu tutorial videos on how to download and create wallets to know how if you are not sure.

You can also create a wallet with @CodexWalletBot , an HTMLCOIN third party service on Telegram and remember to save your private key.

SFUN Contract Address: 91004bf2b100f3a06821e713dbd847b01e4a0d2a

Watch tutorial videos to learn more about creating,storing and sending HRC20 tokens.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Services:  VIP on HRC20 CDEX Bot

VIP on HRC20 CDEX bot includes several exclusive features that allow users to experience the bots full functionality. Including: VIP airdrops, airdrop log, random monthly rewards, and more to come!


Cost: 50k SFUN            # of existing VIPs: 8