How We Started

I have a real story on how I started the reason that I have a eureka moment on this project. The reason that I thought this project will help peoples well being.


Hello guys, I have this Token in mind already planned last year¬†around the fall of 2019 before this Predicament we are in right now 2020. But it didnt really come into complete eureka moment until I had a severe eczema which I think the result of emotional stress and fear , panic mode because of Covid-19. Honestly funny jokes I have seen from my friends Facebook’s page and texts helps me a lot to smile and ease slowly my feelings of fear, anxiety and stress. I think everyone can use a lot of laughter and jokes to forget the things that are in front of you for a moment and eventualy help you and your heart to feel better emotionally.This harsh reality , almost everyone if not all are carrying this load of anxiety, darkness, sadness, and worries about our Family & Economy’s future. I was thinking this could be our outlet to forget a bit or smile a bit or share our positive just for laughs, punchlines,Jokes, riddles, funny memes, and knock knock jokes and knowledge teasers . People are going nuts and stuffs like toilet papers are victims! Maybe just maybe we can make this into something like an outlet for Fun. Please share with us your favorite funny jokes , could be original, something you’ve heard of , or could be from anywhere really, when you get the chance let us hear it and crack us up! Good luck & God bless. AIRDROP will follow as form of MOTIVATION for punchlines submitted that makes People burst out laughing for LOL moments.¬†

NOTE: Only wholesome Jokes Allowed! Please be nice & make sure your Joke is acceptable …Hope you guys know what I mean. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Our prerogative, our purpose, our goal is to spread joy. We hope to be an instrument to spread happiness and joy in the art of Joke telling and the likes.
We are from Africa, USA, Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Pakistan, India, Mauritius, Netherlands, Canada, Philippines & Australia.

are from different parts of the world.