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New Blockchain Trends and Technologies

We don’t want our users to get left out and not try out the latest trends.  So try out the newest SFUN implementations using Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain.

Using Solidity and Metamask, we can utilize several blockchains using smart contracts.

ERC721 and ERC1155 have become new standards.  Immerse yourself in creating your own and have it show either in your wallet or have it appear on rarible.
(NFT Creation is done through testnet only)

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What Blockchain We Use for SFUN?

Blockchain has evolved into such a decentralized economy and tons of resources we have decided to 
to use the following Blockchain Technologies.


Reliable, Robust, and Beginner Friendly. Tons of Tools and resources to help users and beginners get introduced to  smart contracts easily.

Althash Blockchain

SFUN is originally built using Althash Blockchain Technology. Simple & User Friendly for everyone.

Binance Smart Chain

EVM based and highly reliable, transfer your skills over just as easily with lesser gas fees and quick scalability.